BSD makes a range of quality aftermarket BMX parts including frames, bars, seats, hubs, hub guards, sprockets, stems and forks and have an international team of sponsored riders including Kriss Kyle, Antony Lille, Mike Taylor and Tony Malouf.

BSD Brand

Cinema Wheel Co.

High quality rims, hubs, complete wheelsets and BMX hardware. Cinema wheels are endorsed by one of the best teams in BMX.

Cinema Brand

Duo Brand

Manufacturer of the highest quality BMX products. Focusing on producing the finest rubber products like tyres and grips as well as seats, pedals and other BMX parts.

Duo Brand

Jet BMX Bikes

Jet BMX was formed in 2012 from a need to create affordable entry-level bmx bikes which were going to be the best possible choice for someone just starting out in BMX. Jet felt that although there are some great Complete BMX bikes on the market for £300-600 there is very little under £250.  They felt that the bikes offered at this price range were not offering the rider a decent chance to progress in BMX with their out-dated geometry, heavy design and lack of options to upgrade your parts as you progress, So they made their own...

Jet BMX Bikes


Verde make a full range of BMX products from high end frames, forks, bars and support a full roster of Pro riders. In addition to the high end range of parts Verde also product a full range of complete BMX bikes from Entry level models all the way through to Pro level bikes

Verde Brand

Shitluck Clothing

Shitluck Clothing is a shitty t-shirt company that was started as a complete joke in 2002 by BMX riders Leland Thurman and Mike Tag. They might be the most unlucky, luckiest guys you’ll ever meet and are legends in BMX who make sweet stuff to support their awesome team of riders.

Shitluck Brand

Intense BMX

Intense BMX is the Worlds leading BMX racing manufacturer. Intense was founded and is still run by famous BMX legend; Toby Henderson. They Manufacture high-end race frames through their Podium range as well as a large range of complete BMX race bikes to cater for all ages and abilities.

Intense BMX products

Intense Tyre Systems

Intense BMX tyre Systems are at the forefront of High end BMX racing and dirt/street tyres. Using their exclusive tyre compounds which they have produced ITS are able to bring you the most durable, lightest and grippiest tyres available today for the performance enthusiast

Intense tyre systems products

Sinz BMX Components

Sinz BMX components make a huge range of BMX components for both BMX racing and BMX freestyle. Their parts range from state of the art Carbon fiber forks to affordable, everyday items like brake cables, grips and brakes.

Sinz BMX Components


Speed Bicycles is owned by BMX legend, Toby Henderson, who has set out to design some of the most innovative BMX racing products available. Speed’s unique frames and 20mm axle system are taking the BMX racing world by storm.

Speed Brand
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